Walking on Mars in the Western Wilds

If ever the question arises of why Tasmania is so wild, untouched, green, clean and stunning a good response would be that over 40% of this little island state is national park or reserve. 20% of it is World Heritage Listed by UNESCO, which doesn’t come easily. In 1982, the Western Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks... Continue Reading →

Penguins, Pale Ales and Prehistoric Places

Tasmania is cute, full of ‘wascally wombats’ and tiny bright blue superior wrens, cute llamas and calves grazing quietly on the rolling green hills overlooking the ocean, and tiny pademelon's hopping along. They also call us “Mainlanders”, cute. Then they upped the cuteness by calling a whole town Penguin. People live in a place called... Continue Reading →

The Silence of the Truffles

Italy is full of food festivals. It’s awful. Through every season of the year they celebrate with chocolate, cheese, chestnuts and wine that flows from fountains (no joke, I don’t joke about wine flowing from fountains). So when I arrived I searched for what festivals I’d be bumping into on my travels. This is what... Continue Reading →

Slap me with a salami, I’m in Tuscany

I’m a summer person, I love the heat, I love Australia in the summer. I’ve never really understood why people could be so passionate about autumn or fall. Everything starts to go quiet, no more swimming or daylight savings. Pumpkin-spiced lattes and misty cold mornings, not for me. But I get it now. The colours,... Continue Reading →

Scratching my back with George

It’s been a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time in the making, but I’m finally in Italy. When I was in year two at school, eight years old, we had a teacher who loved to play guitar and sing, so to help us remember the things we were being taught we would write songs. I think he secretly wanted... Continue Reading →

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